During ACE2013 KITT Engineering will contribute workshop “Space Entertainment”

28 augustus 2013  -  Geen categorie

During ACE2013 KITT Engineering will contribute to the program with a workshop titled “Space Entertainment”. The workshops take place the day before the main conference on the 12th of November 2013. More info about ACE2013: http://www.advancesincomputerentertainment.org/

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Workshop “Space Entertainment”

The workshop will be presented by:

1. Ir. Peter van der Vos (KITT Engineering BV)pm01

2. Dhr. Andries Lohmeijer (KITT Engineering BV)SUIT 1

This workshop aims to bring researchers and practitioners who are interested in, or working on, interactive (outdoor) playgrounds and/or exertion games together. In our experience there is still a large gap between entertainment technology research and the market. A workshop is a good venue to bring individuals from different backgrounds in touch. The workshop will be presented by two engineers which both have over 25 years experience in Creative Technology.


To have a real “out of the box” theme with unique constraints we choose “Space Entertainment”. Imagine that a group of emigrants travel to Mars. That is long dull and boring trip at zero gravity. Can we design concepts that will help the crew to stay mentally and physically healthy during the trip? If space trips that provide you with a six minutes zero gravity become available, how would you spend your $200.000 costing experience in an enjoyable way? Space Entertainment is a specialized topic. We invite experts to give introduction lectures to the theme. A prolonged stay in space has a deep impact on the astronauts physical and mental health. A lot of studies in ISS address the need and results of workouts to keep muscle and bone mass at an acceptable level. Also simulations of real time space trips to Mars are being conducted in the Mars 500 and MA365 experiments.


The preliminary setup of the workshop:

  • a6af42b8f078ec6758278a1d88e1fcdaPlenary introduction lecture by experts.

  • One or more mixed groups of maximum of eight participants per group.

  • Short introduction of each group member and their background.

  • Presentation of the “Case” and mandatory constraints.

  • Brainstorm to create conceptual design.

  • Scrum-like “sprint” to create a breakup of the concept and necessary technologies.

  • Participants opt for finding solutions individually or in small groups.

  • Final evaluation of the results.

Exact schedule and duration to be announced. We might adapt the program to the amount of participants and background. If you are interested in this workshop please send an email to peter@kitt.local with contact details, background and special interest. Formal registration opens begin September 2013.