Big Mouths and Tricycles at Lowlands Festival

19 maart 2016  -  Nieuws

KITT Engineering and Dutch Performance Artist André Kodde are the brains behind works like a musical composition distilled from a pattern of electricity pipes in a building and a machine driven by a… goldfish…..

Last summer however, you could find André at lowlands with his Tricycles for Grown-ups: originally designed for performing with little kids, but now performed on maxi-scale for an outrageous festival audience! Of course the first thing that comes to mind when you think of little children and tricycles are screeching breaks, shattering audiences, bookmakers, overheated heads, a podium, jurors that never agree and a hysteric crowd.

In short: a microphone is attached to the tricycle, in direct contact with the electrical motor. The louder one yells, the faster you go, the sooner you reach the finish! The heart of the matter is the effect of the market economy on journalism and politics. Who shouts the loudest, will be heard first and thus have a better change of being rewarded with front-page news. The question is: where is all the news that wasn’t heard? And is the current media climate a reliable representation of the situation in the world?

In a rancid little corner of Lowlands, in the smell of sweat, oil and petrol, three tricycles are steamed up and ready to roll. Three members of the audience are chosen. The tension rises, the flags are down and off they go! The race is on. A race with a message: a piece of art as metaphor of progress in our western society. A world in which he who yells the loudest, will be heard and achieves the highest.